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Early Childhood In Movement, Creativing & Expression

Designed by professional dancers and childhood development specialists, EVSPA's program combines healthy ways of teaching the fundamentals of ballet and encouraging imaginative expression. The positive, fun environment is sensitive to the physical and cognitive development of children, inspiring effort, and creativity. Your young child will grow confidence, discipline, and appreciation for the performing arts!


In their first experience of dance classroom, students are introduced to the joy of moving to music and expressing creative ability, attention span, gross motor skills, and musicality. Children learn classroom etiquette and social skills like cooperation. Free dance and fun props incorporate the classical ballet studied, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, and The Firebird.

ECD   Pre Primary Ballet
ECD   Primary Ballet 
AGES 4-5

This class continues the introduction of dance as a form of self expression. Basic ballet positions and steps are introduced. Imagery and music are used as tools for the development of confident movement. Sequential patters simple counting skills, and spatial awareness are developed. Students continue to learn classroom etiquette and healthy group socialization. Classical ballet stories and dances are studied and performed in age-appropriate ways.

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AGES 5 - 6 

Mr. Boucher's signature class, was developed for the child who needs more freedom to verbally express themselves and move somewhat freely in the classroom. It uses song and movement and verbal creativity through themes like (circus parade) to  introduce imagery, music and expression. Students  learn classroom etiquette and healthy group socialization. It is a great class for students who have been diagnosed with ADHD and even for the overly shy individuals.

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