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Reputation Is Something Serious To Consider

What the Pros Are Saying About Us


As the Artistic Director of the legendary Kirov Academy and former Director of Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, I can attest that EVSPA provides everything necessary for the future artist in classical ballet, musical theater, and voice and even for the youngest aspiring child.  I am honored to call, Ron Boucher and Sandra Balestracci, my friends and colleagues. They are world renowned artists in their own fields and generously, studiously and thoroughly pass on their great knowledge to every child that comes in the door.  It has been my delight to have worked with them over the years seeing all the accomplished artists they have trained now sharing that incredible legacy with audiences everywhere.  This center of art is a must do to families in and around Williamsburg, VA.”

Adrienne Dellas Thornton, Artisic Director, Kirov Academy, DC


"Sandra Balestracci & Ron Boucher are experts in their fields and I have had the privilege of working with both of them.  Sandra and I have collaborated on 2 of her many ballet CD’s for Roper Records which are sold and used in ballet studios internationally. I have also served as composer and show pianist for Ron's concert works both in Boston and New York City.  Working with professional ballet dancers for over 25 years, I can attest to  Sandra's outstanding level of expertise. As Ron's accompanist and show pianist, I can also validate that  Ron is an excellent singer and really understands how to teach singing both classical training, but especially in musical theater. His dedication to working with children and youth continues to be remarkable.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to study voice and dance."  

Elaine Chelton, Solo pianist, New York City Ballet & Broadway Composer


"After seeing the accomplishments of Sandra's students I felt compelled to design costumes that would compliment the elegance, grace and beauty of their dancing."

Holly Hynes, Costume Designer for the New York City Ballet


“I’ve known Ron and Sandra for many years and have had the pleasure of working with them on productions as well. As a theatre professional myself, I can attest to the high quality of training offered to students at Eastern Virginia School of Performing Arts. Especially for anyone who may aspire to a career in the performing arts, there is no other place in the region to get this level of basic training.”

Ron Reid, RLR Productions


“EVSPA is the consummate destination in the Hampton Roads area for top-flight training in the arts. For any child to young adult interested in the performing arts, EVSPA should be their goal and their second home.

Terrance L. Kawles, Managing Director, MVP Choice Programming™, NYC

What our Alumni are Saying About Us

"As a kid, I sometimes resented the amount of time my parents spent with the students at the studio. I can honestly say my international career  would not have been possible if it wasn't for their expertise, their encouragent and their dedication."

Marcello Antonio Balestracci, Broadway Actor/Dancer/Singer/Acrobat


"I have witnessed that quality training is so very important in pre-professional development and have only wished that I had been able to receive that training right from the start. Thanks for being in Williamsburg and just a grand jetés distance from my house."

Calvin Cooper, Actor/Singer/Dancer (Actor's Equity Association)


"I will always be indebted to Ms. Balestracci and Mr. Boucher for their dedication not only to the arts, but to me as well.”

 Samantha Berger, Radio City Music Hall Rockette


“EVSPA took me to the next step. After taking lessons and performing in the Nutcracker and featuring in the CAPA fund's "Roar of the Greasepaint..." I was overwhelmed and excited to have learned so much about myself as a young artist in that professional of an environment. I learned not only technique, but discipline, professionalism, and most importantly, dedication. Show business is hard and the staff at EVSPA pushes you in the right ways to meet your full potential and the skills to take with you into the world. Learning from the experienced staff and the professionals that they bring in to their productions, I often think back to my training with both Sandra and Ron and recognize that I would honestly not be where I am today without it.”

Parker Krug, Actor/Singer/Dancer (Actor’s Equity Association)

“I have performed for the American Youth Ballet Company’s “Nutcracker” for two years now. Mr. Boucher and Ms. Balestracci are both some of the most passionate directors a student or freelancing artist could hope to work for. They train lovely dancers and put on incredibly professional productions. Any student would be lucky to train at their school.”

Barton Cowperthwaite (Lar Lubovitch Dance Company/ Pontus Lidberg Dance)


“You have so many extraordinary gifts, and any that I might have are in large part thanks to the belief you’ve had in me and the great training in my pre-pro years and your continued professional advice in my pro-years.  Love YOU!!!, Thank you for everything.

Sara Michelle Maurawski, Soloist with Slovak National Ballet, & formerly with Dresden Ballet


"From my freshman year of college, all I wanted was to be able to sing and do it well. So many had told me that my voice was broken.  Ron Boucher was able to prove otherwise. He was able to repair my voice and turn dreams into reality. Mr. Boucher also gave me my first professional experiences for which I am forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything."

Sunny Vinsavich (College of William & Mary/Graduate)

What Our Families are Saying About Us


"As a parent of a daughter who has danced with EVSPA for over 16 years, I can say without a doubt that it is the most respected dance conservatory in the state. The directors, Ron Boucher and Sandra Balestracci come with impeccable credentials and expertise to provide their students with the highest of standards needed to teach and mentor future prima ballerinas and musical theater/actors/singer and other performing artists.  Their integrity and love of the arts is demonstrated every time their students perform.  Not only do they provide outstanding teaching they also shape and mold their students into becoming highly successful and disciplined young adults."

Nancy Barth, Teacher at Walsingham Academy


"We are incredibly lucky to have such renowned professionals in Williamsburg at EVSPA.  Ms. Balestracci has introduced my daughter to a world of classic beauty and excellence and has taught her that with perseverance, she can reach exciting levels of dance and artistic expression.  It has been an amazing experience!"
ML Brie


“I have seen him work with very different students, covering a wide spectrum of aptitudes and interests. I am constantly impressed with the sensitivity with which he gears his teaching to individual personalities, abilities, objectives, and needs.

Naama Ely,  professor at the College of William & Mary


"Ron Boucher and Sandra Balestracci have created a wonderful performing arts studio.  The teaching is very technical and professionally structured. The teachers also provide lots of encouragement in the positive progression of each student.  Ms Balestracci, Ms. Lee Gibaldi-Knight, and Ms. Roux have contributed so much in helping their students (including my daughter) achieve their dance goals.  I would highly recommend the studio to anyone interested in pursuing dance or voice training in a professional atmosphere."

Carol Burge


"Both of my daughters were students at EVSPA spanning a total of 17 years! They received excellent training in classical ballet, as well as other dance forms and musical theater. This instruction coupled with amazing performance opportunities  prepared them well for professional careers and/or advanced study in dance - both went on to get degrees in dance (one, a BFA in Dance and Choreography from VCU and the other, a MFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts). Sandra was an invested, hands on teacher who gave them all the tools and motivation to excel! Each danced and performed at a high level in many spectacular productions. It was a huge part of their young lives and if we had to do it all over again, we would! EVSPA is a true gem in this area of Virginia!"

Lori Oakes


"Mr. Boucher, God has given you amazing talents in the art of voice and in your ability to teach others on how to open up their minds and hearts (not to mention their vocal cords). EVSPA has my utmost respect---you all do a wonder job."

Christi Huster


"EVSPA's ballet program focuses on fully developing the individual talents of each student. My daughter has thrived under the expert and loving guidance of Sandra Ballestracci. My daughter loves their challenging ballet curriculum that stresses technique and artistry, the wonderful teachers, and all the special friendships she has made with her fellow dancers. I love that my family has always been made to feel like a welcome and valued member of the EVSPA family."

Anna Pember


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