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Musical Theater: Acting/Singing/Choreography

with Jazz & Tap Technique

Acting, Ensemble Singing & Musical Theater Choreography

Musical Theater/Acting, Voice & Choreography  Level II (ages 7-8)

Musical Theater/Acting, Voice & Choreography Level III (ages 9 - 10)

Musical Theater/Acting, Voice & Choreography Level IV (ages 11-12)

Voice & Choreography Level V (ages 13-14)

Acting Level Level V (ages 13-14)

Voice/Choreography Level V/VI (ages 14-15)

Musical Theater Audition Class  Advanced Level (ages 17 & Up)

Acting Only  (ages 16-up) (invitation only)

Musical Theater Jazz & Tap Technique Classes

Our classes offer training in basic tap technique terminology, placement, stretching, and rhythm. Dynamic weekly combinations build each student's repertoire. Higher levels classes expose students to a variety of styles and complex combinations.

Jazz/Tap Intro (ages 7-9)

Jazz/Tap II (ages 8-10)

Jazz/Tap Beg Teen Adult

Jazz & Tap Inter/Adv


EVSPA offers many levels of voice training. Children should not strain undeveloped vocal chords. EVSPA provides its younger singers with ensemble classes focusing more on rudiments of musicality, harmony, pitch and style. Our classes are designed to train the young singer without hurting the student in the process. Voice training for post teens consists of instruction in proper breathing, tongue placement for articulation,vibrato, projection, and range extension.

Private Voice 30 min Lessons (Beginner/Intermediate Level (ages 11 - 14)

Private Voice 45 min Lessons (Intermediate/Advanced Level (ages 15- up)

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