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Evaluation & Assessment


Students in the Early Childhood, Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre Divisions are assessed annually.

Assessments for program students accomplish the following:

  • Documents student progress

  • Initiates communication between teacher and parent

  • Encourages students to accomplish specific goals

  • Provides concrete recommendations for student improvement


Assessments will be completed by each student's teacher. Utilizing a written evaluation form, teachers will objectively assess the progress, behavior, and attitude of each student.Each assessment corresponds with the conclusion of a developmental year at EVSPA and follows a student performance designed to showcase student growth and skill acquisition.


A recital format is used for final assessment called “Year In Revue.” Parents desiring parent/teacher meetings to discuss assessment results are encouraged to call the office and make an appointment with their child's teacher. Parents hoping to have their child advanced to the next level will find that these assessment periods provide them with a time for such discussion.


The EVSPA directors encourage open discussion and an appointment can be scheduled. At the time of assessment, students are recommended for fall class placement and suggestions for summer intensives may be made. The student, teacher, parents, and the appropriate Director all confer and agree upon class placement.

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