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Teen/Adult Open Enrichment Classes


The Enrichment Classes are designed to offer students varied disciplines in a more relaxed class environment. Classes focus on enrichment and recreation and will permit a student more flexibility in developing their own experience. We offer the following classes for teens and adults.


If you have danced for many years or wish to indulge yourself in a lifelong dream, this is your opportunity. Beginner and intermediate levels provide the same information received in the career track program but without the intensity. Many of adults perform in the American Youth Ballet Company productions as they develop their dance training.


Preparing for an audition, getting back into singing, exploring your voice for the first time, Mr. Boucher accepts a few teen/adult students from 18-up and will work with any style of music.


Preparing for an audition, getting back into singing, exploring you voice for the first time, Mr. Boucher accepts a few teen/adults. The EVSPA jazz classes offer training in basic jazz techniques, terminology, placement, and styles. Dynamic weekly combinations encouraging quick reflexes, memory and coordination present a challenging yet fun environment for all ages.


Classes offer training in basic tap technique, terminology, placement, stretching, rhythm and good posture. Routines are developed throughout the year


Class concentrates on use of breath, quality of structural form, oppositional energy, moving through space, directional changes, fall and recovery, speed, and working with developing phrases over several weeks aiming for performance quality.


Improve strength, flexibility, balance, and posture by incorporating floor based Pilates movements that stimulate the deep core muscles of your hips, abdomen, low back and spine. Focuses on breath and improves mental clarity.


The Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS) is a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and supported range of motion. Through anchoring and initiating movements via the pelvis, the body discovers its ability to efficiently articulate movement through experiential anatomy.


The work deepens the students understanding of where movement comes from, how to align the body and to build a physical consciousness of open pathways of energy for movement. The system helps the learner to override the central nervous system creating new neuromuscular firings supporting a greater understanding of sensorial technique.

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