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It is with very great sadness and regret to inform you of a serious development on behalf of myself and Sandra.  A letter of this nature is painful to compose and even more to send.  To make it less so, I will keep to the facts but very much welcome any questions or concerns you may have of me or Ms. B once you have read the following in its entirety.


As most of you well know, the Village Shops has been in a state of flux for the past 2 years. With still pending uncertainties of the fate of the complex, Mrs. B. and I have decided to close EVSPA for good, a school venture of 30 years of excellent standing and of great success and satisfaction for us both.


Arriving to this decision has been difficult for us. We love teaching and adore each of our students. However, we also had to take into consideration the surmountable changes that has taken place in the last 5 years, particularly on our end of the arts spectrum. We are witnessing how fractured students have become trying to balance their overwhelming academic demands in conjunction with the requirement to participate in the vocationally based training we offer. The rapid increase in students who want the alternative to what we offer was another toll telling sign. It has been disheartening to watch the growing acceptance of mediocre training offered by instructors with credentials limited to an academic degree with little to no professional experience to support it or, week-long certifications. To validate themselves, these instructors also prophesize that what we do is now “old fashion” and our teaching methods have a potential in damaging students. This is becoming the accepted standards over the seasoned professional career performer who transitioned into a life-long teaching career. In addition, there is the number of students who choose performing arts training through their academic institutions.


Nevertheless, we don’t want our faithful students to feel we are abandoning them. With that said, Mrs. B. has secured space at another studio and is willing to do a limited amount of exclusive teaching (one or two days a week, both group and private lessons). I will also continue to teach voice at our home studio.


For those of you who will be moving on, we will dearly miss you all and wish you all the very best with your future training in the arts.


God bless you, now and always.


Most sincerely,


Mr. and Ms. B



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